My unique personal brand photography attracts attention so you can get noticed and grow your business.

Hi, I'm Jenny

But design never left my side. It intertwined with photography, shaping my perspective on visual storytelling. This unique blend propelled me into a fulfilling career crafting visuals for industry giants like Disney, Verizon, and Westin Hotels. While it was incredible, a deeper calling emerged.

A ten-year-old with a Nikon camera in hand – that's where my love affair with photography began, a gift from my dad that sparked a lifelong passion. My artistic streak blossomed in the Gifted & Talented program, leading me to prestigious institutions like RIT and RISD. Ultimately, RIT's photography program became my creative home.

My father, a true entrepreneur, instilled in me a lifelong drive to create something meaningful. Witnessing his journey fueled a desire to empower others to build their dreams. Naturally, my passions began to converge. My branding expertise gained from big-name agencies, coupled with my storytelling passion through photography, could be used to empower others.

Personal branding photography wasn't just born; it became my mission. It's about crafting a visual narrative that captures your essence and attracts your ideal clients.

EMPOWER YOU, the entrepreneur, to STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace and build a THRIVING business.