Cana Vineyard Branding Photography

February 26, 2024

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I had the joy of blending work with the beautiful outdoors at this Cana Vineyard branding photography. Cana Vineyard is owned by the dynamic duo Lisa Petty and her husband Bryce. They reached out for a dual-purpose photo session – capturing both their family moments and creating some vibrant marketing/branding photos for their vineyard. While I’m only showing their branding photos here, rest assured, their family photos came out just as stunning. How could they not with a beautiful location and professional photographer.

First off, the setting was a photographer’s dream. Imagine rows of grapevines, the rich colors of fall painting every corner, and the gentle hum of nature all around. It was the perfect backdrop for both the family photos and the branding images we aimed to capture. Each shot amidst the grapevines wasn’t just a photo; it was a story waiting to be told.

During the session, Lisa and Bryce opened one of their award-winning wines. This was to add a touch of authenticity and flair to the photos. And guess what? I got to take a bottle home – it was as delicious as it looks in the photos!

Here’s the fun twist – Lisa and Bryce are actually my neighbors, just a street over, and I had no idea until our session! It’s a small world, and this connection made the session even more special. It’s always a pleasant surprise to find connections in unexpected places, especially in the close-knit community we’re a part of.

The photos from the day are more than just images; they’re a testament to Lisa and Bryce’s passion for their vineyard and the love within their family. From the laughter shared over a glass of wine to the serene moments captured amongst the vines, each image tells a part of their journey.

This Cana Vineyard branding photography session reminded me of the beauty of capturing real, genuine moments, whether for branding or family memories. The authenticity shines through, connecting with people on a personal level and showcasing the heart behind the business.

If you’re thinking about refreshing your brand’s image or capturing some family memories of your own, let’s chat! There’s nothing like the magic of capturing stories through photography, and I’d love to help bring yours to life.

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Jenny Sessoms is a professional people photographer with a BFA in photography from RIT in New York. She has over 20 years of experience and has won awards and been published on billboards, in magazines and online. Jenny offers photoshoots that are relaxed and stress-free for everyone. Services available in the Northern Virginia area including Ashburn, Leesburg, Chantilly, Middleburg, Fairfax and more.