Chef Brand Photography

February 22, 2024

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This Chef brand photography sessions was focused on capturing Chef Emily Worth in action. Emily isn’t just any chef; she’s a classically trained culinary maestro whose passion for food lights up any room – especially when she’s teaching kids or plating her next masterpiece.

This session was set in her vibrant kitchen where creativity meets flavor. Right from the start, it was clear. Emily’s connection to her craft is profound. You can see it in her eyes, her meticulous plating, and her genuine smile as she shares her culinary wisdom.

Emily has a rich background, having honed her skills in farm-to-table restaurants. She also contributed significantly to the culinary program at L’Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda. There, she worked alongside Chef Bonnie Moore and other renowned chefs. This experience has deeply influenced her approach to cooking and teaching.

The goal of our chef brand session?

To showcase Emily in her element. We wanted to highlight her skill, her teaching passion, and the essence of her catering business. Capturing Emily in her kitchen was about more than just taking photos. This Chef brand photography was about telling her story.

Seeing Emily interact with her ingredients was like watching an artist with a canvas. Her teaching moments with the kids were equally inspiring. All of a sudden, their faces, full of curiosity and excitement, mirrored Emily’s enthusiasm. These moments were pure gold for our session.

The photos we created together are a testament to Emily’s dedication to her craft. They support her teaching program and catering business, showcasing her talent and passion. This session reminded me of the power of photography to tell stories. Especially stories as rich and flavorful as Chef Emily’s.

For anyone looking to bring their brand to life, remember this. Authenticity and passion are your best assets. Just like Chef Emily, let your true self shine through.

Ready to tell your story? Let’s capture the essence of what you do, together.

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Jenny Sessoms is a professional people photographer with a BFA in photography from RIT in New York. She has over 20 years of experience and has won awards and been published on billboards, in magazines and online. Jenny offers photoshoots that are relaxed and stress-free for everyone. Services available in the Northern Virginia area including Ashburn, Leesburg, Chantilly, Middleburg, Fairfax and more.



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