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Professional Brand Photo Education

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Have you ever felt the frustration of needing professional photos but never having the time to take them? That was the reality for Joy Engstrom, a public school administrator and university adjunct professor. Joy, like many busy professionals, simply hadn’t prioritized getting high-quality headshots and lifestyle images. This lack of visuals was a roadblock to […]

A Joyful Brand Photoshoot Journey

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Let’s face it, in the competitive world of real estate, first impressions matter. And in today’s digital age, those first impressions often happen online. I was thrilled to collaborate with Margaret O’Gorman, a dedicated real estate agent in Northern Virginia. Together, we worked on a realtor’s brand refresh, focusing on professional brand photos. Our goal […]

A Realtor’s Refresh with Professional Brand Photos

realtor brand refresh photography
Business Brand Personality

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Your brand isn’t just a logo and a slogan – it’s a vibe! It’s a way of connecting with your audience on a deeper level.  Business brand adjectives are the words you choose to paint that picture. They are the ones that capture the essence of who you are and how you want to be […]

Business Brand Adjectives

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Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jennifer Hoskins, a realtor in Northern Virginia, for a realtor branding photoshoot.  Jennifer exudes a larger-than-life personality, and her goal was to capture that vibrancy in her branding photos. While the photoshoot took place in my Leesburg studio, we found creative ways to showcase Jennifer’s unique style. […]

Realtor Branding Photoshoot

realtor branding photoshoot
Interior design brand photography

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Interior design goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about weaving your client’s story into their space. I recently collaborated with Suzan, a talented designer, on an interior design brand photography session that captured her artistry beautifully. Suzan’s home wasn’t just a set, it was an extension of her design philosophy. Every detail, from curated art to unique […]

Interior Design Brand Photography

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Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Viva Creative for a branding and event photography session. They are a dynamic experiential communications agency based in Rockville, Maryland. They’re embarking on an exciting brand evolution, expanding their offerings to include versatile production and event spaces. My mission? To capture the essence of these newly […]

Branding and Event Photography

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I had the joy of blending work with the beautiful outdoors at this Cana Vineyard branding photography. Cana Vineyard is owned by the dynamic duo Lisa Petty and her husband Bryce. They reached out for a dual-purpose photo session – capturing both their family moments and creating some vibrant marketing/branding photos for their vineyard. While […]

Cana Vineyard Branding Photography

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Are you ready to go from invisible to unforgettable and get seen by more clients? Hey there, friends! Let’s chat about the magic of launching your rebrand with a portfolio full of variety – think angles, poses, and crops. As your go-to branding photographer, I’ve seen firsthand how this approach can truly transform your brand’s […]

From Invisible to Unforgettable

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Politician branding photography is not my norm, but I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Henry, who ran for the Treasurer of Loudoun County, Virginia. Spoiler alert – he won! Henry approached me to create branding photos for his campaign.  Let me tell you, it was an experience filled with both inspiration and a […]

Politician Branding Photography

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This financial advisor branding photography session may be one of my favorite sessions so far, but not for reasons you think. I recently had the unique opportunity to step into a dual role for a branding session—both as a photographer and as a wife. I’m excited to share the experience of capturing branding photos for […]

Financial Advisor Branding Photography