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Breastfeeding Lactation Specialist Branding Photography

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A Recent Shoot with Amy Tanzillo   I recently had the pleasure of working with Amy Tanzillo, a dedicated lactation specialist and the founder of Thrive Breastfeeding. Amy provides personalized, in-home breastfeeding support to help new and expectant mothers navigate the often challenging journey of breastfeeding. Above all, our goal for the photoshoot was to […]

Building Connections in Brand Photography

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  As a branding photographer in Northern Virginia, I thrive on capturing the unique stories of entrepreneurs and business owners. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Kathy Velez of Capitol Metro Contracting on a stunning brand photoshoot. We chose an exquisite estate home near Leesburg, VA, as the location. This home builder branding […]

Home Builder Branding Photography with Kathy Velez

business portrait photography
branding photos for luxury businesses

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Within the world of luxury, every detail carries weight. From the exquisite craftsmanship of products to the impeccable service provided, maintaining a sense of exclusivity and sophistication is paramount. But amidst the luxury and prestige, there’s one often overlooked aspect that can truly redefine the perception of a luxury service business – luxury brand photos. […]

How Brand Photos Can Redefine Luxury Business

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Unveiling Modern Headshots! Gone are the days of stiff smiles and boring backgrounds. Your headshot is your online introduction. It should showcase both your professionalism and your one-of-a-kind personality! That’s where Modern Headshots come in. Perfect for Busy Schedules! Our streamlined 30-minute session is designed to be efficient and stress-free. In just half an hour, […]

Modern Headshots

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construction branding photographer

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           Powerful Branding Photos for a Family Business As a branding photographer, I adore meeting passionate business owners. Recently, I collaborated with Kim Jenkins, CEO of Genesis Construction Group, and her family. Genesis Construction Group is a prime example of why branding photos are crucial for family businesses. Capturing the Heart […]

Branding Photos for a Family Business: Genesis Construction

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I’m Jenny, a branding photographer in Virginia. Recently, I collaborated with Samantha Brior, the amazing owner of Safe Sam’s. Her brand photoshoot story is incredible. Samantha has a background in skincare and a huge heart for helping others. Now, she’s creating a lip care line that’s good for you and the planet! A big part […]

Safe Sam’s Gets a Fresh Look! A Brand Photoshoot Story

Business Brand Photoshoot Story
Northern Virginia Branding Photography

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In today’s crowded digital landscape, personal branding photography stands out as more than a marketing strategy. It’s a vital investment for entrepreneurs and small businesses aiming to distinguish themselves in their market. This art goes beyond mere visual appeal, aiming to capture the very essence of a business and forge meaningful connections with potential clients. […]

Elevate Your Business Identity Through Personal Branding Photography

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A Refreshing Real Estate Photoshoot with Sarah Combs! Imagine scrolling through countless online profiles, searching for someone you can trust with your biggest investment: your home. That’s the challenge real estate agents face. But what if photos could bridge that gap? This is how we used brand photos to build trust with Sarah Combs, a […]

Build Trust with Brand Photos

Realtor Branding Photos
Professional Brand Photo Education

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Have you ever felt the frustration of needing professional photos but never having the time to take them? That was the reality for Joy Engstrom, a public school administrator and university adjunct professor. Joy, like many busy professionals, simply hadn’t prioritized getting high-quality headshots and lifestyle images. This lack of visuals was a roadblock to […]

A Joyful Brand Photoshoot Journey