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Are you ready to go from invisible to unforgettable and get seen by more clients? Hey there, friends! Let’s chat about the magic of launching your rebrand with a portfolio full of variety – think angles, poses, and crops. As your go-to branding photographer, I’ve seen firsthand how this approach can truly transform your brand’s […]

From Invisible to Unforgettable

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Politician branding photography is not my norm, but I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Henry, who ran for the Treasurer of Loudoun County, Virginia. Spoiler alert – he won! Henry approached me to create branding photos for his campaign.  Let me tell you, it was an experience filled with both inspiration and a […]

Politician Branding Photography

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This financial advisor branding photography session may be one of my favorite sessions so far, but not for reasons you think. I recently had the unique opportunity to step into a dual role for a branding session—both as a photographer and as a wife. I’m excited to share the experience of capturing branding photos for […]

Financial Advisor Branding Photography

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This team headshot photography session meant I had the coolest opportunity to work with an amazing company right out of Arlington, VA. They brought me in to capture headshots of their fantastic team for their website. And let me tell you, it was a blast! Instead of sticking to a traditional backdrop, we decided to […]

Team Headshot Photography

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Ready for this financial advisor professional branding session? Let me tell you about this fantastic session I had with Sophia, a young and ambitious financial advisor. Sophia came to me with a clear vision: she wanted headshots that screamed professionalism and expertise. She was eager to shed the “just out of school” look for something […]

Financial Advisor Professional Branding

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Corporate Branding Photography Session A Fresh Coat of Branding: 5 Star Painting’s Team Photo Session Recently, I had the pleasure of working with 5 Star Painting, a vibrant painting company based in Ashburn, for their corporate branding photography session. Their request? To refresh their brand with updated headshots and a group photo. The setting was […]

5 Star Painting Branding Photography

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Versatility in Focus: Tony’s Tech-Savvy Headshot Session Stepping into Tony’s world was a glimpse into the dynamic tech industry. Firstly, Tony, a tech professional, had a clear vision for his Virginia professional headshot photography session. He needed updated photos with multiple outfit changes, reflecting the diverse aspects of his career. Secondly, our goal was to […]

Virginia Professional Headshot Photography

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Warm Photography and Warm Spirit Angie came to me hoping for a warm and genuine brand photography session. Angie is a wonderful soul in the medical field, who came to me wanting to update her headshot. But let me tell you, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill photoshoot. It was a heartwarming journey that perfectly captured Angie’s […]

Warm and Genuine Brand Photography

woman corporate headshot

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In today’s digital age, the impact of professional headshots for your business is bigger than you think. First impressions are often made online. Your potential clients, partners, and employees are likely to interact with your business through its online presence before they ever set foot in your office. This is why the impact of professional […]

The Impact of Professional Headshots for Your Business

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Ready for some seasonal brand photoshoot ideas to freshen up your Northern Virginia business? Are you a small business owner in Northern Virginia looking to breathe new life into your online presence? As a lifestyle brand photographer in the heart of Northern Virginia, I understand the power of seasonal photoshoots. In this blog, I’ll walk […]

Seasonal Brand Photoshoot Ideas

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